Mini sd card dongle to Add Unlimited space to your iPhone and Android device (No cloud required)



This 4 way mini sd card adapter can transfer files from your phone, camera, most mobile devices, and PC. For travellers who take tonnes of photos and need compact storage this device will allow you to use your phone to transfer photos and files. This is super handy when you are in a location without wifi.


The dongle is plug-and-play for both iPhone and Android. The process is simple. Once inserted: for iPhone an app is downloaded to allow for file management and transfer. On Android - the built in file system is used and no app download is required. You can use as many mini-sd cards as you need and you will not need cloud access to back-up your phone for space.

  1. Who can best benefit from portable storage?
  2. Those travelers who love to take many selfies and document their trip
  3. People who have limited cloud storage
  4. Travelers who do not have access to wifi
  5. Users who want to transfer pictures easily between devices
  6. Those who have multiple phone types.(can tansfer between iPhone, Android, PC and most mobile devices)

For more detailed specifications check out these products. Choose the one that best suits you.

Here's a fun little example of how this can save a travel adventure. Your travel buddy is about to run out of space. They may have a mini sd card in which case you can provide them with your dongle as the nice friend you are, and voila they can backup their pictures to continue photographing their trip.
In another case your friend doesn't have a mini-sd card but you have an extra one and are nice enough to lend it to them with your dongle to help them make room for more pictures. I can go on with all the uses this has when travelling but I'm sure you get the point here. This dongle really comes in handy!


Compact Dongle

Regular Dongle


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